Tips to Help You Buy the Best BMW Accessories and Spare Parts

For several decades, cars were on the list of luxury products that only the rich could afford. However, with the passage of time, they became a necessity for almost everyone. Today, there are numerous models of these vehicles that can satisfy the needs of every buyer out there. Of all the models, BMW is one of the most classy, sophisticated, and stylish choice.

As a matter of fact, having a BMW can uplift your status in society. Since it is one of the top luxury cars out there, it costs a great deal of money to purchase, maintain, and repair. Besides, it may require to be repaired from time to time just like other vehicles. Therefore, it is important to identify genuine components for your car. In this article, we have shared some important tips that can help you go for the best accessories for your BMW.

Shop online

Today, around 60% of people purchase their required staff on the internet. The great thing about searching online is that you can easily find your desired items. But we still suggest that you get recommendations from someone you trust.

But if you don’t know someone who can give you recommendations, we suggest that you read online reviews to make an informed decision. This can help you get the best product without getting ripped off.

Prioritize quality over affordability

If you are looking to save money on BMW surgeries and components, you are making a mistake. Instead of looking for cheap and affordable components, look for something top quality. Cheap components cannot stand the test of time and may have to be replaced in a couple of months if not weeks.

Therefore, you may want to spend a bit more money and look for something valuable that is worth the price tag.

Look for dealers that sell BMW parts

If you want to look for your desired accessories and still save a lot of time, you may want to contact dealers who sell BMW spare parts. If you search online, this can help you save a lot of time. With a few minutes of search, you can find your desired items without leaving your room.

Buy from a dealer that answers your questions

Before you place your order to buy your desired items, you may have some questions to ask. So, make sure you ask the car dealer to answer your questions until you are satisfied. If the dealer looks too busy to respond to your questions, you may want to look for a different dealer.

Compare price tags

If you are looking for quality products at reasonable prices, we suggest that you get quotes from different dealers. Alternatively, you can compare the price tags on different websites. If you search online, you can get a list of several BMW dealers.

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Tips to Help You Paint Your Car Yourself

If you prepare well, get the right materials, and use your skills, it will be much easier for you to perform a paint job yourself. Who does not love a nicely done paint job? If done well, the paint job can make a great difference as far as maintaining the condition of the car is concerned. In this article, we are going to talk about a few tips that will help you paint your car. Read on to find out more.

Prepare the available space

First of all, you may want to choose a covered space for the project. But if you have chosen your garage, find out if the local laws allow you to use the type of paint or equipment you have chosen. Apart from this, your selected space should be properly ventilated.

Get the required Supplies

As far as supplies are concerned, you need a buffer, lacquer, topcoat, primer, thinner, spray gun, air compressor, masking tape, masking paper, and power sander. Apart from this, if you have a friend who knows better than you, you can ask them if you can get the job done with the available supplies.

Get your Car ready
There should be no dust in the corners and cracks of your car as it can create problems once the paint job is done. You may want to use a preparation formula, thinner, or acetone to wash your vehicle. If there is any rust, you may want to get it removed first.

Strip your Car

If you want to strip your vehicle, nothing can work better than baking soda. For sanding, it is better to get a 500-grit block for paint removal. This product will also help you make sure that the surface appears smooth after the sending job is done.

Prime your Car

The store can mix it for you or you can make the primer yourself. All you need to do is get one part acetone and 5 parts paint. You should then use a spray gun to separate the primer on your vehicle. Make sure you test the solution on a flat surface first, such as cardboard.

Choose The Paint

You can choose any color based on your personal preferences. However, you may want to consider some important factors first, such as maintenance, safety, and the effect of temperature on your car. Generally, lighter shades can maintain coolness better than darker ones.

Start painting

For each panel, you will have to spend at least 10 minutes. Before you apply the next coat, make sure the first one is dry. Based on the available ventilation and type of paint, the first coat may take a couple of hours to dry. Make sure you wait for the first coat to dry before applying the next layer.


For proper finishing, you may want to continue to move the pad in circular motions. After a few minutes, the area will start shining. You can also add a glazing product to give your vehicle more luster. Don’t forget to follow the safety measures as well.

Long story short, you can follow the steps explained in this article if you want to paint your car yourself. However, if it is too much for you, you can hire the services of a professional.

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How to Choose the Right Dashcam for Your Car

If you are going to buy a dashcam for your car, you may have to consider a lot of features. After all, you cannot use your smartphone for this purpose. These special cameras provide evidence in case of insurance claims. Apart from this, they can help identify predators. let’s check out some important things before you buy one. Read on to find out more.

Video Resolution

Make sure that the camera can record at 720p as it’s the minimum required resolution if you want to record quality images and videos. The higher the resolution the better it is. With higher resolution, the photos will be sharp and you will be able to identify faces, models, and license plates much more easily. Although you can get dashcams that come with 2K resolution, they require memory cards with huge storage space.

Storage Capacity

Make sure the camera can take at least 64 GB of memory card. You will need more storage if the camera can record at ultra-high resolution. For example, 60 minutes of 720p footage can occupy 2 GB of storage space. On the other hand, 60 minutes of 1080p footage can cover up to 6 GB of storage space.

Night Vision

Your desired dashcam should have the night vision feature as well. Since you may have to travel on roads that may not have street lights, your camera should be able to use the night vision feature of your dashcam to record at night as well.
Automatic On/Off

Ideally, you may want to get a dashcam that turns on when you start your car and turn off once the engine is shutdown. This way you won’t have to manually turn on or turn off your camera.

Camera Size

The camera should not be unnecessarily large or it may block your view while driving. Therefore, you may want to go for a smaller unit if you want to be on the safe side.

Loop Recording

Since the memory card of your dashcam has limited storage capacity, your dashcam will go into loop recording mode. In this mode, the camera deletes the oldest footage to make space for new footage. Therefore, make sure that the product you are going to purchase comes with the loop recording feature.

Impact Sensor

In dashcams, there is an accident detection system. This feature saves footage several minutes prior to the impact. Similarly, some units are designed to turn on instantly when they detect an impact. So, we suggest that you consider this feature when buying a unit for your car.


If your dashcam has the GPS feature, it can record the location of the accident. Apart from this, this feature can record the speed of your vehicle.

Front and Back Camera

For complete coverage, we suggest that you go for a front-facing camera as well as the back camera. This camera can be great means of support if someone hates you from the back.

Built-In Mount

Although most of these cameras come with some type of mount, many of them don’t. You just need to place them on your dashboard. Therefore, based on your personal preferences, you may want to go for the right one.

Long story short, if you follow the steps given in this article, it will be much easier for you to choose the best dashcam for your vehicle. Just make sure you make the best choice based on the factors given in this article and your budget, of course.

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